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*Below was written by "past me", which "current me" is pretty sure is a real idiot... but i'm trying to work on that, because i see now that learning in public is helpful, because people can sync to your 'best explanations'... but 'current me' really must remind you that the below are past stupid me's explanations of the world, which have been infinitely eclipsed of course... by current genius babbling baby me, but anyways:

The Network Union

May 18, 2021

A network union is a cross between a social network and a union, "a social graph organized in a tree-like structure with a leader, a purpose, a crypto-based financial and messaging system, and a daily call-to-action."

Win and Help Win

May 12, 2021

An entire philosophy is packaged in this simple phase. It's neither progressive, libertarian, nor conservative, but it embraces the best attributes of all three.