Win and Help Win

"Win and help win" - Balaji Srinivisan

An entire philosophy is packaged in this simple phase. It's neither progressive, libertarian, nor conservative, but it embraces the best attributes of all three. Progressives seek out progress, but tend to be zero sum. "Win and help win" is positive sum, recognizing we can create more value than we take. Libertarians prioritize freedom, "live and let live", but are individualistic. "Win and help win" is collective in nature, communicating our obligation to give back. Conservatives celebrate competition, but often neglect the less fortunate. "Win and help win" encourages people to compete, but then to use their success to help others.

From "Black Lives Matter" to "Make America Great Again", powerful phrases unite communities around shared values. "Win and help win" can similarly unify people to form the communities of tomorrow. Already we are seeing likeminded individuals resonate with this message on Twitter.

Isaac Newton wrote "If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants." Newton's quote is a modest recognition that progress is built on the accomplishments of those that came before us. "Win and help win" takes this recognition a step further. By coupling the ambition to succeed with helping those in need, it communicates the giant's responsibility to lift people up.

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